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Tara Helsinki - Office Manager/Cintas

How It Works


Select how many coffee cups you need based on your coffee consumption


You will receive your machine and a mix of all coffee flavor on your first order to try.


Every month your coffee will be shipped freshly roasted directly from our roasting facility

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W10.5" x H 20" x D 16"




110/120V 1400 W


60 cups



  • Always month to month without contract. You can downgrade or upgrade the coffee membership with no fee.

You can learn more about this in our FAQ or term and conditions.

What’s included

  • Espresso machine
  • The first shipment includes a variety of our coffee blends.
  • Remote Service on the machine.
  • Coffee Subscription renews every month.


  • You can cancel or pause your coffee subscription anytime via email, 10 days before your renewal date.

You can learn more about this in our FAQ or term and conditions.

All of our subscription coffee orders are shipped for free. There will be a one-time
shipping and handling cost of $25 for the first Moriondo machine order.


How does a Workspace Membership work?

First choose the plan that you think fits your workplace coffee consumption best. We have estimates to help guide you. Keep in mind you can always upgrade or downgrade your plan! The workspace membership is month to month and no contract. You can cancel anytime as well. Just let us know 10 days before your next monthly payment.

Do I need to pay for shipping for the subscription packages?

All of our subscription coffee orders are shipped for free to the 48 contiguous United States. There will be a one-time shipping and handling cost of $50 for the first Moriondo machine order.

How do I set up my machine?

Here are the basics you’ll need to set up your Moriondo machine:

Space: A space of W10.5" x H 22" x D 16" is recommended for the machine. Please place the machine on top of the base with the two slide out drawers facing the front of the machine.
Water: The Moriondo machine can be configured to use the internal water tank (55oz), or connected to a ¼ inch water line. Choose your preferred configuration and if you would need a water line, please add the Water Line Kit to your order as an add-on.
Power: You will need 1 outlet to plug in the Moriondo machine and 1 more outlet if you purchase the Milk Chiller.
If you have any other questions about set-up check out the video in the Moriondo Members Page.

What drinks can I make with my machine?

With the Moriondo Machine you can make all espresso based drinks. Americano’s, Cappuccinos, Latte’s and of course the Espresso. You can also use the hot water function to make yourself a cup of tea!

Can I use ground coffee?

Yes you can! If you request ground decaf coffee we can provide that in your monthly shipment. In the bean hopper there is a small section designed for ground coffee so you can have a full hopper of beans and still make a decaf espresso shot!

How do I maintain my machine?

The best way to avoid small problems with your machine is to do a little basic maintenance:
Press the rinse button at least once daily, or turn the machine off/on once a day
Empty the two sliding drawers regularly to prevent the grounds from piling up and the water from spilling out.
Soak the milk tube in hot water for 5 minutes once a week
Run the cleaning cycle once a month
Remove and rinse the brew unit in warm water once a week
All the maintenance you need to do for your machine whether it’s daily or weekly in video format can be found in the Moriondo Members page.

What if my machine isn’t working and I would like a replacement?

Please first contact us on our Livechat for instant help and instructions or email us at
If you and a sales representative agree on a machine swap, there will be a $50 shipping and handling charge to receive your replacement machine. A broken machine is deemed broken by a customer service representative who can not fix the issue after troubleshooting with the member.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can always cancel anytime as long as it's 10 days before your subscription renewal. Please email us at to let us know you would like to cancel.

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