Like every great story, mine started with curiosity and a mission.

The Beginning

During a workday in 2015, I sat in my office and reflected on the amazing coffee that I used to drink in my home town of Venice, Italy. I grew tired of the coffee from plastic pods and realized that many individuals probably felt the same way.

Making a Change

So, I decided to create and launch a machine that would grind and brew freshly roasted coffee beans with the same profile tastes as those I've missed so much.

Reducing Waste

By using our coffee machines, we were able to save over three million plastic pods in just the first three years and this was just the beginning.

Moving Forward

We developed a novel way to make single-serve coffee fully compostable. The Moriondo Ecodisk is free of plastic* and aluminum, and it preserves the fresh flavor of coffee that you have been missing.

*contains no PP & PE fibers/Contains 2% PLA (corn-based biopolymers)

"It is thanks to all of our members that we were able to reduce the amount of plastic and achieve such incredible results. This is just the beginning of our journey together. Let's continue to be better and enjoy every cup of coffee along the way!"

Our Mission

As our company grows, we aspire to advocate for sustainable and freshly ground coffee. We have started by challenging consumer waste.

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