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Why Should I Get a Coffee Subscription?

What is a Coffee Subscription?

A coffee club subscription is a service that allows you to have coffee delivered to your doorstep on a regular basis.

It typically involves signing up with a coffee provider or roaster such moriondo or atlas coffee club who curates and sends you freshly roasted coffee beans or pre-ground coffee according to your preferences.

The subscription model ensures a steady supply of coffee without the need for frequent trips to the local grocery store for a regular coffee drinker.

How Do Coffee Subscriptions Work?

Coffee subscription boxes work in a simple and convenient manner. Here is a brief explanation of how they typically operate:

Selection: When signing up for a coffee subscription, you as a coffee lover first choose the type of coffee you prefer. This could include options like single-origin coffee, specialty coffee, blends, or decaffeinated coffee. Some subscriptions may even offer a variety of roast levels or flavor profiles to cater to different preferences.

Frequency: You then select how often you want the coffee to be delivered. Subscription intervals can range from weekly to monthly, depending on your coffee consumption and preferences.

Shipment: Once you've made your selections, the coffee provider or local roasters will freshly roast and package the coffee according to your preferences. The packaged coffee is then shipped directly to your designated address. This ensures that you receive freshly brewed coffee.

Billing: Coffee subscriptions usually involve recurring payments. You may be billed per shipment or on a monthly basis, depending on the subscription service. It's essential to review the pricing and coffee subscription model before subscribing.

Customization: Some coffee subscriptions allow for customization. This means you can adjust specific aspects of your subscription, such as the quantity of coffee per delivery, the grind size (whole bean or pre-ground), or even try different coffee varieties with each shipment.

Elevate your coffee experience with Moriondo. Discover convenience and exceptional flavor with our curated coffee subscriptions.

Choose from premium beans, expertly roasted and delivered to your doorstep. Join our community and taste the difference, one cup of coffee at a time.

Visit Moriondo today and indulge in the art of delicious coffee.

What Are the Disadvantages of Coffee Subscriptions?

Coffee subscriptions, despite their benefits, may have some disadvantages to consider. These include:

Cost: Coffee subscriptions can be more expensive compared to purchasing coffee from a local store. The added cost often accounts for factors like premium fresh coffee beans, shipping fees, and the convenience of home delivery.

Lack of Variety: Some coffee subscriptions offer a limited selection of beans or roasts, which may restrict your options if you enjoy exploring a wide range of coffees. If you prefer variety, it's important to ensure that the coffee subscription service offers sufficient options to meet your preferences.

Commitment: Subscribing to a coffee service often requires a commitment for a specific duration. Modifying or canceling your subscription may come with certain restrictions or additional charges. This can be inconvenient if your coffee preferences change or if you need to pause the service temporarily.

Freshness: While coffee subscriptions strive to provide fresh coffee, there can be variations in freshness due to shipping time and distance. Some individuals prefer to buy coffee directly from local coffee roasters to ensure optimal freshness and support local businesses.


Is coffee subscription cheaper?

Coffee subscriptions can offer cost savings, especially when providers offer discounts or perks to coffee lovers. Subscribers may enjoy benefits like reduced prices per bag, free shipping, or exclusive access to limited edition or specialty coffees compared to brewing coffee at home. These discounts contribute to making a coffee subscription a more affordable option for coffee enthusiasts as they can save money.

Is coffee subscription profitable?

Coffee subscriptions can be profitable, particularly for businesses already involved in the coffee industry as suppliers, distributors, or roasters. By leveraging existing infrastructure and sourcing channels, these businesses can optimize production, manage inventory, and secure steady coffee drinkers base, resulting in increased profitability through coffee subscription services. So,are coffee subscriptions worth it? Yes.

What is the churn rate for coffee subscriptions?

The churn rate for coffee subscriptions can vary, but industry-wide data suggests an average churn rate of around 11 percent. Factors such as coffee quality, pricing, customer service, and competition influence the rate at which customers cancel their subscriptions.

What makes your coffee special?

At Moriondo, we take pride in our commitment to delivering exceptional coffee. We source premium beans from the finest coffee-growing regions, ensuring quality and distinctive flavors. Our expert roasting process brings out the full potential of each bean, resulting in a truly special and memorable coffee experience for our customers.

Good Tasting Coffee: How to Identify Coffee Flavors

In order to appreciate the different types of coffee available, it's important to cultivate an awareness of its unique characteristics. Let's take a look at the way coffee connoisseurs judge different cups of coffee.


The scent of a cup of coffee has a direct influence on how we perceive its flavor. As you drink coffee try to notice if the scent is smoky, fruity, earthy, spicy, nutty or grassy.


One of the most defining characteristics of a cup of coffee is its acidity. This is the sharp, bright tangy quality of coffee that perks up our senses. Coffee doesn’t necessarily contain just one type of acid, either. It may contain citric acid, malic acid (fruity in flavor) or even quinic acid from stale coffee, which gives us stomach aches.


This is the weight, thickness and texture of coffee in your mouth. The body of different types of coffee falls on a spectrum of light- to full-bodied viscosity (thin to thick).


This is where comparisons come in handy and there is some overlap between aroma and flavor. Your coffee might taste bitter, sweet, savory or sour with common comparisons to chocolate, wine or fruit.

Alvise Pasqualetti

Founder of Moriondo. Coffee Enthusiast. I aspire to advocate for sustainable and freshly ground coffee. 

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