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Wellness Tips for Working from Home

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Before the start of 2020, for many, the idea of working from home seemed like an unachievable dream. It would help them achieve a wonderful work life balance, it would improve their mental health, they would surely become more productive, and they’d get to work in their pyjamas as well.

 Fast forward a couple of months and we found ourselves in the midst of a global pandemic, life ground to a halt, and people were suddenly forced to work from home.

 Now, don’t get us wrong, working from home certainly has its perks, but it is important to separate your personal life from your working life, to prioritize your mental health as well as your physical health, and achieve a healthy work life balance if you are still working from home.

 Some people were forced to work from home, others chose to, and others simply worked jobs where they earned a living from their own homes anyways. If you wish to stay healthy while still earning a living from the comfort of your own home however, it’s important to achieve a healthy balance.

 Here are several working from home wellness tips.

Create structure for a healthy work life balance

First and foremost, when it comes to remote working, in order to achieve a good life balance and stay healthy, both physically and mentally, it’s important to have some structure in your working life and to create a morning routine.

In an office, you’ll no doubt have a supervisor breathing down your neck, and deadlines to meet. That means no slacking. With remote working however, you likely won’t have a boss breathing down your neck, unless you’re your own boss, in which case you will likely cut yourself some slack anyways.

One of the best wellness tips you can enjoy when working from home is to have some structure. Start work at the same time each day, take your lunch break at the same time, clock off at the same time. Basically, treat your remote work as you would if you were in an office surrounded by co workers.

Limit your screen time

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Another of the fantastic wellness tips for working from home, that we’re going to be looking at today, is to limit your screen time.

Remote work is tough and if you wish to prioritize your mental health, and boost productivity in the process, make sure you limit the amount of time that you spend in front of a computer screen.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the TV, a tablet, a laptop, a computer, or your phone, unless it’s work-related try to limit how much time you spend looking at a screen. Not only is too much screen time bad for your eyes, it can also cause headaches, mental health issues, a dip in job satisfaction, and it can be a distraction.

To help pass the time, why not try reading a book or magazine, solving a puzzle, baking, crafting, or taking up a new hobby instead?

Create a designated workspace

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Another of the best wellness tips for working from home that you could wish for, is to create a dedicated workspace for yourself.

Thought you could just take your laptop onto the sofa or into bed while you worked? Not a chance. If you want to stay healthy mentally, while also staying productive, having a designated office space space specifically for work is vital.

If you’ve a spare room in your home, why not turn that into your designated workspace and build a home office or physical office?

Having your own designated space for work is so good for your well being and your work life in general. It will help you to get more organized, you’ll associate it with work life rather than your personal life, and it’s somewhere where you can close the door at the end of the working day.

Make healthy lunches

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When it comes to wellness tips, whether you’re working from home or not, you should still make and enjoy healthy meals.

When working from home it’s important to form healthy habits that help improve mental and physical health. People that work from home are usually surrounded by temptation as, if they get hungry they can walk into the kitchen and grab a snack. In order to stay healthy, it’s important to ensure that healthy meals and snacks are prioritized.

On your lunch break when working from home, make sure you enjoy lunches packed full of fresh vegetables, proteins, healthy fats, and complex carbs. Make healthy meals daily and eventually these healthy habits will become second nature to you.

Avoid buying excess junk food

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By all means enjoy the occasional treat now and then, but when trying to enjoy a healthy personal life as well as working life, a good diet is so important.

We already mentioned the importance of healthy meals but if you wish to stay productive while also improving your well being, try to avoid stocking the cupboards with processed junk food.

Processed junk food will make you gain weight, it’s full of unhealthy ingredients, it can affect your mental health, and disrupt your daily routines.

Many employees working from home who are trying to be more health conscious will limit the amount of junk they buy. If you know you have a cupboard full of chips, cookies, and biscuits, you’ll be more likely to grab one or two when you get hungry, or even when you’re bored.

Prioritize mental health with self care

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Self care while working, and also while relaxing, is also one of the best wellness tips for working from home that you could ever wish for.

Self care is about looking after yourself and making time for you. Don’t allow your workload to pile up or negative thoughts to creep in, instead, try to remain focussed, even if that focus is on yourself.

Read books to relax, take a bath, speak to friends, enjoy your favourite meals, create a consistent routine, stick to a work schedule, and do anything else that improves your mental wellness life and your work life balance.

Get some fresh air and prioritize physical health

In order to be healthy, exercise is so important, not only physically, but mentally as well.

While working at home, you will likely spend a lot of time sitting at your desk, kitchen table, or anywhere else where you decide to work. Either way, getting some exercise is vital for your overall health.

On your lunch, why not go for a walk and get some fresh air? Not only is this great cardio, but it gets you away from your screen and helps you to get outside for a bit to break up your day.

Any form of activity is beneficial, so if you can get to the gym during your break, before, or after work, that is also going to be extremely good for your mind, body, and soul.

Invest in a standing desk

office workspace, pneumatic desk, office desk

If you want to enjoy good physical health as you WFH (work from home), you should really invest in a standing desk.

Sitting has been described by health officials as being ‘the new smoking’ due to the fact that sitting down for prolonged periods of time has been linked with all manner of health issues and ailments.

Being sedentary for too long can lead to weight gain, mobility issues, mental health issues, bad posture, and more besides.

Standing desks are great for your overall wellness as they are designed to be used while sitting, and then standing. The idea is that you work while sitting and then switch it to a standing position to work. This helps encourage more activity and movement, plus it helps improve mobility and flexibility, while promoting good posture as well.

Stay hydrated

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Another of the fantastic wellness tips for working from home that we can’t overlook, is to stay hydrated.

Drinking plenty of water on your breaks and throughout your shift will help you to stay hydrated and avoid dehydration and the ill-effects that go with it.

Drinking water and staying hydrated will help to build your focus and concentration, it will improve your cognitive health and function, it will help avoid headaches, it will help keep you more mobile, and it will make your workday more comfortable in the process.

Schedule plenty of breaks

While it is important to get your work done when you’re working from home, taking plenty of breaks is also vital.

Scheduling in plenty of breaks will help you to mentally recharge, it will improve your concentration levels, you can stretch your legs and get some exercise, you can grab a healthy snack or some water, or you can simply look at something other than a computer screen for a few minutes.

As long as it doesn’t affect your productivity, be sure to enjoy a few breaks throughout your working day, even if your office is in the comfort of your own home.

Get enough sleep

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Finally, if you want to function at your best while you work, you need to ensure that you get enough sleep each night.

Each day, try to ensure that your daily routines don’t negatively impact your sleep that night. Aim to get between 7 and 9 hours of sleep per night, go to bed and get up at the same time each night/day and create a healthy sleeping routine.

A lack of sleep can cause stress, anxiety, depression, irritability, and other mental health issues. Not only that, but it can drain your energy levels and affect you concentration. This will then hinder your productivity.

If you want to reduce stress and focus better throughout the day, ensure that you get enough sleep each night.

Stay Connected

Another great way of achieving a better work life balance when working remotely is to stay connected.

It can be easy to find yourself feeling isolated, and if you begin to feel isolated be sure to reach out to other people. It doesn't matter whether it's your colleagues, your friends, family, or anybody else, when working remotely you must ensure you stay in touch with other people.


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Alvise Pasqualetti

Founder of Moriondo. Coffee Enthusiast. I aspire to advocate for sustainable and freshly ground coffee. 

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