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Books about Coffee - The Best Craft Coffee Books

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For coffee enthusiasts, or indeed, those with a coffee obsession, the art of brewing coffee is something that people worldwide seem to struggle with. 

Sure, anybody can take a pack of instant roast coffee granules, add them to a mug with some sugar and boiling water, but as any coffee lover will tell you, that is not what brewing coffee is all about.

In order to brew the perfect cup of coffee, you’ll need the finest quality coffee beans, good quality water, inside knowledge of the coffee industry, and of course, the patience of a saint.

If you consider yourself to have a coffee obsession, it could be that you want to share your speciality coffee knowledge with novice coffee drinkers to help them craft the perfect cup of char. What better way to share your knowledge of the coffee world with novice coffee drinkers, than by writing your very own book about delicious coffee? Well, that's what a number of coffee lovers have gone ahead and done.

Here’s a look at the best books about coffee.

Coffee and writing

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Before we look at how you can share your knowledge of fair trade coffee beans, and some handy brewing tips, we’ll first look at why coffee and writing seem to be synonymous with one another.

For many coffee lovers and budding writers, the idea of sitting in a coffee shop, sipping on a delicious cup of coffee or other coffee drinks, as you type away on your laptop, or even jot away on your notepad, is incredibly appealing.

We somewhat romanticize the notion of writing in a coffee shop, but why is that?

Well, to begin with we instantly think of romantic Parisian movies from generations past, featuring an incredibly attractive young man or woman in an art deco environment, sipping on a mug of fair trade coffee or an iced coffee, as they scribble up a romantic novel with a fountain pen and notepad, with not a care in the world.

In reality, if you were to attempt to write a novel in a coffee shop, you’d be surrounded by screaming kids, sirens in the distance, and people constantly scrolling through their smartphones. With that said however, if you do enjoy speciality coffee and need to get some work done, coffee shops can be perfect for getting you out of the house.

Coffee table books

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The coffee and writing connection does not end there however, as there are also what are known as coffee table books.

Those in the coffee industry know all about these books, but do these books have anything to do with coffee drinks? Well, not really.

Very simply, this book is a large, attractive, usually hardbacked book that is designed primarily for aesthetics.

The book is placed strategically onto the coffee table to enhance the décor of the room and draw attention to the table. The book is not necessarily geared toward the coffee enthusiast, though coffee lovers do often use books about coffee.

Popular books about coffee

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Because coffee books are so popular amongst coffee lovers, there are numerous books out there dedicated to the art of coffee production and great coffee in general.

If coffee is a passion of yours and you consider yourself knowledgeable, penning your own book about coffee, listing the different brewing methods, history of coffee, and simply making coffee, could be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

To help you draw inspiration, here are some popular books about coffee that coffee experts swear by.

The Craft and Science of Coffee

Penned by Dr. Britta Folmer, The Craft and Science of Coffee is simply a must for any coffee enthusiasts out there.

The book will completely change your entire perception of coffee and you’ll never look at it in the same way again.

Dr Folmer has worked in the coffee industry for many years, and what she doesn’t know about coffee brewing methods and brewing techniques, is not worth knowing.

Working as Coffee Science Manager at Nescafe Nespresso, she covers all aspects of cold brew coffee, iced, cappuccino, espresso, and any other coffee drink you can think of. If you want to know how coffee farmers select the perfect coffee, and turn it into the delight you enjoy in a morning, make sure you check out this book.

The World Atlas of Coffee

By James Hoffman, if you enjoy speciality coffee, coffee connoisseurship, and want to learn about the different coffee growing regions from around the world, this book really does make essential reading.

James Hoffman and his World Atlas of coffee looks at the different growing, harvesting, roasting, and coffee brewing techniques in different regions, looking at different beans and trying to find out what sets each one apart from the next.

With more than 35 countries explored, you’ll be amazed by the detail and diversity of coffee, that James Hoffman has covered in his book. Go ahead and pick up The World Atlas of Coffee today, you won't regret it.

The Blue Bottle Craft of Coffee

Considered by many to be the ultimate coffee book, the Blue Bottle Craft of Coffee, written by James Freeman, is a must for any coffee fans out there.

James Freeman created what many consider to be the Holy Grail of the coffee book world.

Perfect for coffee newbies who wish to broaden their coffee drinking horizons and discover new coffees and coffee preparation techniques it is the perfect coffee-making guide.

James Freeman, the founder of Blue Bottle Coffee and the man behind the Blue Bottle Coffee Roasters provides in-depth knowledge of not only how to brew coffee, but also how to enjoy it and how to really experience it.

The Devil’s Cup

By author Stewart Lee Allen, the Devil’s Cup is a fascinating look at all things coffee.

Rather than looking at speciality coffee or helping people find the best coffee in the world, Stewart Lee Allen has instead looked at how coffee has influenced us as a society over the centuries.

If you want to channel your inner barista, Devil’s Cup may not be for you. If however, you love coffee and you simply wish to learn more about the history of the brew and how it has changed civilization worldwide, make sure you add this book to your list.

Coffee Obsession

Coffee Obsession by Anette Moldvaer is a book that those obsessed with coffee simply must add to their to-read pile.

This book covers every single aspect of coffee from field to cup. It is full of useful information such as professional coffee brewing methods how to become a coffee expert, how to use a French press, how to hone your barista skills, how to detect a good quality coffee from a bad one, and much more besides.

If you want to become a coffee drinker and really understand this beverage, get this book on your bookshelf quickly!

coffee beans, coffee, roasted

Good Tasting Coffee: How to Identify Coffee Flavors

In order to appreciate the different types of coffee available, it's important to cultivate an awareness of its unique characteristics. Let's take a look at the way coffee connoisseurs judge different cups of coffee.


The scent of a cup of coffee has a direct influence on how we perceive its flavor. As you drink coffee try to notice if the scent is smoky, fruity, earthy, spicy, nutty or grassy.


One of the most defining characteristics of a cup of coffee is its acidity. This is the sharp, bright tangy quality of coffee that perks up our senses. Coffee doesn’t necessarily contain just one type of acid, either. It may contain citric acid, malic acid (fruity in flavor) or even quinic acid from stale coffee, which gives us stomach aches.


This is the weight, thickness and texture of coffee in your mouth. The body of different types of coffee falls on a spectrum of light- to full-bodied viscosity (thin to thick).


This is where comparisons come in handy and there is some overlap between aroma and flavor. Your coffee might taste bitter, sweet, savory or sour with common comparisons to chocolate, wine or fruit.

Alvise Pasqualetti

Founder of Moriondo. Coffee Enthusiast. I aspire to advocate for sustainable and freshly ground coffee. 

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