Why does our coffee taste so good? Take a sneak peek inside the Moriondo Coffee machine

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Moriondo Coffee prides itself on its single serve coffee machine, second only to its delicious coffee. To make good coffee, you have to use the right equipment. That’s why we wanted to write a blog post especially devoted to innovative coffee maker.

Bean-to-cup Coffee Machine Design

Let’s start with the concept. We know people love single serve coffee makers. But we didn’t want to use single-serve coffee cups. That’s because they have a usable lifespan of only about a minute before they get sent to the landfill. That’s why we designed our machine around three key ideas: waste reduction, high-quality coffee, and user-friendly design.

As a result, we landed on the perfect solution which we call “Bean-to-cup.” This means that our machine uses a heavy-duty grinder to quickly grind coffee beans for a single-serving. Then the machine uses steam pressure, much like an espresso machine, to prepare fresh Italian coffee drinks in less than 90 seconds.

Our customers are often impressed by the bean-to-cup concept because it provides fresh tasting coffee in a matter of seconds. This eliminates the bitter aftertaste of pre-ground coffee and since the beans are contained in the machine’s enclosure, they don’t quickly lose their freshness.  

The only byproduct of the design is compostable coffee grinds. As long as the milk, water and coffee supply are full, the user only has to press a button to get fresh coffee.

Let’s take a closer look at the machine and its parts.

Size and appearance

The machine is a self-contained unit, so it doesn’t require the use of extra parts other than your favorite reusable coffee cup. It weighs about 25 lbs, but don’t worry, our service includes installation. However, you’ll need about two feet cubed to accommodate the machine at your coffee station. It has a height, weight and depth of 20 inches, 10.5 inches, and 16 inches, respectively.

Power supply and voltage

The Moriondo Coffee machine has an automatic energy-saving system that uses the following voltage: 110/120V 1400 W. To supply electricity, it uses two different cords, so you’ll need two outlets available to operate it.

Button Plate

The sleek, electronic button plate is the gateway to the machine operations. You simply touch the circular on-button to access the drink menu. Our machine won’t talk to you like Alexa, but it will light up with a range of delicious Italian coffee drink options.

The one touch technology offers the following selections: espresso, americano, cappuccino, latte, macchiato, hot milk and hot water (for tea bags). With a Moriondo Coffee membership, your mid-day trips to Starbucks will start to dwindle.


The spout is used for both coffee and milk. You can adjust its height to make room for cup sizes ranging from four to twelve ounces.

Coffee bean supply

Our coffee beans are included in the Moriondo Coffee membership. The machine itself has the capacity to hold enough beans for fifty to sixty cups of coffee. Whenever you need to order more beans, our representatives are available to take your order 24/7 and it comes with free delivery.

Coffee grinder

As one of the most important features of our machine, the grinder is built to last. It’s made with high-grade stainless steel grinding disks.

Brewing unit

To aid the user-friendly design and to ensure easy maintenance our machine has a removable brewing unit.

Water tank or input

When you sign up for a Moriondo Coffee membership, you’ll have the option to choose whether you’d like to hook up the machine directly to your own water supply, or to use the machine’s internal water tank or include an external water tank. We’re happy to talk to you about the best option for your space.

Water pump

The water pump is a high efficiency Italian pump with maximum of 19 bars of pressure.

Milk Foam System

To create the delicious coffee drinks that contain frothed milk, our machine includes an automatic milk foam system. A milk thermos attachment can be found at the side of the machine, to keep the milk cool. The machine draws milk from that thermos and uses pump to steam the milk and serve milk foam directly into the cup.

User-friendly Maintenance

The machine will automatically remind users when it’s time to for routine maintenance. You can easily access the automatic programs for cleaning, rinsing and descaling from the electronic button plate menu.

User Training

Morinodo Coffee provides training to all of its members when they receive the machine. Additional training videos are also available for members to access.

Support service

We send a replacement within 48 hours and we provide a live chat 24/7 to provide support for any issue our members might have. We’ve got you covered!

Ready for a free membership trial to give the coffee machine a test drive? Let us know!

Erica Eller, Sustainability Content Marketing Writer