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Our Purpose And Mission

Our Purpose:

“Bringing the authentic Italian espresso to the home and workspace without use of any plastic!”

Coffee is energy. It's comfort. It's warmth. And, it doesn't have to harm the environment. As our company grows, we aspire to be advocates for sustainable and freshly ground coffee and have decided to start by challenging consumer waste. 

The rise of consumer coffee in homes and office spaces can be partially credited to the easy-to-use and easy-to-throw-out coffee packages that come in the shape of capsules, pods or pouches. Though it can make the process easier and cleaner for the consumer, it uses unnecessary plastic and aluminum, creating waste.

Moriondo is challenging that industry standard. Our machines grind the coffee beans right before brewing every cup.

No plastic residuals and no chemicals, with fresh-roasted coffee beans all brewed through an A+ energy rated machine. 

The waste that is produced is just the natural coffee grind, which can be used for different things like gardening or simply thrown out.

Not only is this cleaner for the environment, this process actually allows you to brew better coffee. 

It doesn't need any vacuum sealed packaging, freeze drying, or added flavors. It doesn't require the production of more plastic and trucks will not be carrying the non-biodegradable waste to landfills. It is natural and simply better. Let's fight for a superior standard.

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