Do I need to pay for shipping?

All our orders are free shippings. We never make you pay for shipments in the USA.

How do I set up a machine?

Here are the basics you’ll need to set up the Luxbeverage machine:

  • Space:  A space of 2’Hx2’Wx2’D is recommended.

  • Water: The Luxbeverage machine can be configured to use the internal water tank ( X oz), external tank (size varies on your choice of tank), or connected to a ¼ inch water line. Choose your preferred configuration and we ship the machine ready to use.

  • Power: You will need 2 outlets to plug in the Luxbeverage machine and milk chiller.

If you need help setting up your machine, contact your building facilities or a licensed professional who can provide electric and/or plumbing services.

Do I need a water filter?

Water quality can make a noticeable difference in the taste of your coffee, and many factors can affect the quality of your office water. Your office can add a water filtration solution that best fits the needs of your office. The simplest choice is a filter that connects directly to the ¼ inch water line using quick connect fittings.

What kind of maintenance do I need?

The best way to avoid unnecessary interruptions in service is to do a little basic maintenance:

  1. Press the rinse button at least once daily, or turn the machine off/on once a day

  2. Empty the grounds drawer regularly to prevent the grounds from piling up

  3. Soak the milk tube in hot water for 5 minutes once a week

  4. Run the cleaning cycle once a month

  5. Remove and rinse the brew unit in cold water once a month