What’s the best espresso coffee club? The answer will surprise you.


Are you getting hung up on all of the options out there available for coffee club memberships? If so, this brief primer will help you navigate the landscape for coffee clubs, espresso coffee clubs and the best espresso coffee club membership available.

What’s a coffee club membership and why should I join?

We’re used to subscribing to things like magazines for a regularly updated selection of well-written, thought provoking, curated articles. So, why not do the same for coffee, right?

That’s the concept behind a coffee club. When you join a coffee club whether it’s for espresso or filter coffee beans, you are opting in for curated coffee bean selections that get delivered to you just on time to replace your stock.   

Some coffee clubs ensure a degree of choice, while others provide limited options. The main emphasis that a coffee club provides is quality.

The different ways that coffee clubs offer quality include offering different single-source origin beans, special roasting techniques, or roast-on-demand beans to ensure freshness. Some coffees are sold like one-of-a-kind, limited editions. Once the supply is exhausted, that coffee experience only lives on in memory.


How does an espresso coffee club differ from a regular coffee club?

Espresso coffee clubs offer you the option to receive the espresso-friendly beans whole or pre-ground. Coffee for espresso is ground finer than filter coffee. Having a precise grind gives you that thick, smooth espresso texture.

The only other difference between an espresso coffee club and a regular coffee club is that the beans are optimal for espresso brewing. This is especially important when you’re in the market for espresso coffee beans, because espresso preparation can be a bit more finicky than your average filter coffee drink.

What are the advantages of joining an espresso coffee club?

If you’re a serious espresso drinker, an espresso coffee club gives you the opportunity to refine your taste by testing a wide variety of alternatives. Some people may feel moved to participate in the company culture of a brand that it supports for its vision and its high quality of coffee. Without interruption, espresso drinkers receive their regularly scheduled deliveries of high quality espresso beans or grinds.


How is a Moriondo Coffee membership similar to a coffee or espresso club?

Just like in a coffee membership, you select from an assortment of coffee blends with the Moriondo Coffee membership. Moriondo Coffee blends are perfect for lovers of Italian coffee, because they offer bold, rich filter coffee, while also resulting in an intense, regionally specific espresso experience.

On top of the coffee, you’ll also subscribe to the sustainable coffee machine. The Moriondo Coffee maker is capable of producing barista-quality espressos, lattes and cappuccinos, as well as filter coffee and hot water for tea. The grind settings within the machine are optimized for the specific drink you choose. The machine grinds the coffee only after a selection has been made, which ensures the coffee stays fresh.

As part of a sharing economy, the subscription-based membership service ensures that your machine, coffee and sustainability needs are folded into one service. The machine is sustainable in that it provides the same delicious coffee options of a pod coffee machine without any single use packaging such as pods, K-cups or capsules.

Moreover, it is in the interest of the company to provide long lasting machines to support long-term memberships. That way, you’re not buying into a manufactured good that is built to break.

It’s also important to note that unlike regular coffee club memberships, Moriondo Coffee memberships are geared towards communal spaces with a predictable level of coffee consumption each month.


Why would you want to subscribe to both a machine and the coffee?

No coffee machine can make low quality coffee beans taste good. By the same logic, high quality coffee beans still depend on a good machine to make them shine. Having both the machine and the coffee included in the coffee membership ensures that the two essential ingredients for good coffee work exceptionally well together. Both the coffee beans and the machine consistently result in delicious single-serve coffee on par with that of your favorite coffee shop.  

Moreover, Moriondo Coffee wants to eliminate needless waste. In response to the plastic pollution crisis, it makes a point of divorcing the idea of coffee convenience from single use packaging in the form of pods, k-cups or capsules.

Why is Moriondo Coffee the best espresso coffee club membership available?

A Moriondo Coffee membership not only offers a way to access the curated coffee blends it provides, but also to drink delicious Italian coffee drinks without any non-biodegradable single use waste. For sustainable offices, there is no better espresso or coffee club experience.

Erica Eller, Sustainability Content Marketing Writer