Our Coffee: No more plastic!

Each blend was inspired by a city in Italy that its name comes from.

We obsessively match the blend profile of the best coffee in each of those cities, and freshly roast with our local roaster partners.

And, that’s it! No plastic or anything else can get in between you and the coffee. We believe in sustainability in every sip of fresh coffee.

In 2015, it all started with a specific purpose : 

Creating Italian coffee blends designed to be freshly roasted and brewed in less than a minute without any plastic.

Moriondo specializes on blends that specifically absorb the highly pressurized system of the espresso machines. We select the best beans to create unique blends, freshly roast through the Italian slow roasting method in small batches and then ship directly to you.

Our coffee is not found in retail stores or supermarkets, you can get it only through our direct distribution.

We believe that coffee, like art, should not be left on the shelves, and should be environment friendly.